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  • Matt and Sarah

    Matt and Sarah had been searching for a few months when they engaged Open Doors to help. Within a couple of weeks, we were able to secure this awesome property even with other buyers circling in a very hot market.

    We were the first party to see the property with a private inspection and secured it quickly before anyone else could get a contract signed. Without Open Doors representing Matt and Sarah, they possibly would have missed out on this property.

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  • Matt

    Matt had been searching for the right investment property to add to his portfolio. Before engaging Open Doors, Matt was missing out on properties week after week and was getting frustrated and felt like he was wasting his time. This property that we found for Matt gave him the opportunity to develop this site into 3 townhouse. We worked will local town planners etc to make sure this property was feasible and worked for his personal situation. We were able to source and secure this off-market property before the general public even new about and negotiated a great price.

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  • Margaret

    Margaret was from out of town and wanted to move into the area. Her local knowledge of the area was limited and she needed help in not only sourcing a home, but making sure it was the right one, in the right area. It wasn’t long until we were able to source this amazing property. We conducted all the due diligence and negotiated a great price for her. Margaret is excited with her new home and is looking to enjoy it for many years to come.

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  • Jesse and Caitlin

    Jesse and Caitlin has been searching for their first home for months and months. They had missed out on a few properties and were getting overwhelmed with the whole process.

    With-in a week of engaging Open Doors, Jesse and Caitlin had secured their dream first property, which included this amazing pool. Quick, decisive negotiation was the key to securing this property. They couldn’t have been happier.

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  • David and Leanne

    David and Leanne were from out of town and needed help in finding their next family home. They had a specific list of requirements but also needed guidance of the best locations around Lake Macquarie.

    We sourced and secured this awesome home before anyone else was able to inspect it. With a strategic negotiation strategy and quick action, we bought this property for a great price in a hot market.

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  • Bruce and Kate

    Bruce and Kate knew they wanted an investment property but didn’t really know the best way to go about it until they engaged Open Doors to help.

    By helping them look at all the options and stepping them through the process, we were able to source and secure this amazing little house.

    This property is positively geared from the outset and has the potential for a second dwelling and second income stream (or Torrens Title sale) due to being on a dual access block. Bruce and Kate will be laughing all the way to retirement (in a few more years).

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  • Alex and Amy

    Alex and Amy have been recently married and now it was time to find their first home. They didn’t know where to start and weren’t confident which property was best for them.

    After a few weeks, we were able to find this a amazing property which ticked all their boxes and then some! With a strategic negotiation, we were able to secure this property well below the asking price.

    Alex and Amy are looking forward to moving in and starting a family very soon.

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