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Investing in property in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter ValleyInvesting in property is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. But making sure you buy the right asset in the right area isn’t as easy as you think.

Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, as well as Maitland and the Hunter Valley, are sought after areas for investment-savvy buyers. But how do you select the right property in the right area to make sure your property investment is going to achieve the goals you have planned?  Where do you start and how do you know if you are actually getting a good deal or buying the right property?

At Open Doors Buyers Agent, we are your local Newcastle investment property experts with unparalleled knowledge of the region’s real estate landscape. We can offer invaluable insights and guidance to investors seeking strategic and lucrative opportunities in this dynamic market.

Why would you choose a buyers agent who doesn’t live and operate in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley area?

Investing in property in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter ValleyWe know first hand the suburbs (and pockets within these suburbs) when it comes to selecting the right asset. We actually practise what we preach and have multiple investment properties in the region ourselves! We have access to all properties including exclusive, off market properties, because of our long term relationships with local selling agents and even private vendors.

At Open Doors Buyers Agent, we simplify the whole process for you and source, negotiate and secure your first or next investment property. We conduct all the due diligence to make sure you have all the information you need to make a wise and informed decision. Buying a property is one of the most expensive purchases in your life, so you don’t want to just “think” you’re getting a good deal, “know” you’re getting a good deal with the experts by your side.

Our comprehensive Property Investment Package takes care of every aspect of purchasing an investment property around Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and the Hunter Valley. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. We tailor the service dependent on your needs.

Here are the Steps Involved:

  • Step 1 – Property Brief
    We conduct a strategy session to ascertain the best approach for you personally. This is where we will discuss all the options for you and the best way to go about it. Depending on your financial situation, investment plans & future goals etc, we will explore the different scenarios and outline a plan to move forward. We can’t offer personal finance advice, but we love working together with your own financial advisor, accountant and/or mortgage broker to achieve your investment goals.
  • Step 2 – Strategy Session
    Based on your strategy moving forward, we will start to detail a full property brief to help paint the picture of the type of property, location and preferences you prefer and fit your strategy. We will look at the information and data that outlines the best approach to take and create a brief that we use to start the ball rolling. Occasionally, this brief changes as the search progresses, but it’s a great place to start. (Steps 1 and 2 are conducted at the same time, which usually takes between 45min – 1hr and can be held over Zoom, in person (usually with a coffee) or even on a phone call. We like all stake holders to be present during this time.
  • Step 3 – Search
    This is when we start the search for the right property. This includes contacting our network including selling agents, private vendors etc to source properties that fit your brief. We source properties that are on-market, off market as well as pre and post market. We will even source private sales that fit your brief. We are completely independent and don’t work with any selling agents exclusively or receive any “kick back” if we buy through them (which isn’t the case for some Buyers Agents). Our dealings are strictly for the benefit of our client. Selling agents, who may promise to find you a property, will only show you properties that they have on their books and push you to buy this way. Their job is to represent the seller not the buyer, therefore they don’t always have your best interests at heart.
  • Step 4 – Due Diligence
    Once we have sourced and inspected a suitable property (we will provide a full “real” video walk-through if you cannot make it to the inspection, or if the property is in another location) and you are happy to move forward towards the negotiation process, that’s when we start to prepare to make an offer. Before we do that, we provide a full property analysis and market review, both on the property and the suburb, to make sure you get a true valuation and don’t pay too much for the property. We also check for things like future development in the area, government housing, flood zones etc that may affect the property. Consulting with town planners and councils in regards to any future development opportunities for the site is also performed. We work with local property managers to make sure the property is suitable to rent and what return would be achieved. We obtain pest and building reports and/or strata reports from professionals we know and trust and if one is provided, we make sure it is from a reputable business. 
  • Step 5 – Secure
    Once all the due diligence is completed, we go into dealing making mode and make sure you get the best deal with the best conditions. Depending on the type of sale (usually private treaty or auction), the negotiation strategy used can depend on various factors. Once the offer is accepted or the auction is won, we project manage the whole process including pest and building/strata (if within a cooling off period), conveyancer communication, contract exchange etc to make sure it is a smooth and easy process. If we aren’t successful in securing that property, we go back to Step 3 and continue the search. There is no limit on the amount of properties that we try and secure for you. 
  • Step 6 – Pre-Settlement
    We even go through the property at the pre-settlement inspection to make sure everything is in order.

We are 100% independent and act on your behalf every step of the way. Selling agents are always representing the vendor, who is representing the buyer? Let us represent you and unlock the door to your dream property.

Buyers Agent Pricing

We work on a fixed fee service rather than a moving % as we believe this is fairest way to do business. Each package price is custom designed to suit each client.

To find out more info including pricing, contact us to arrange a hassle free call to discuss your needs and circumstances.

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