Buyers Agent and Real Estate Agent – What’s the Difference?

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Open Doors Buyers Agent in Newcastle NSW

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Buyers Agent and a Real Estate Agent?

Technically, they are all licensed Real Estate Agents who can both sell and buy property on behalf of their clients. Vendor Agents represent the seller/vendor and will be engaged to sell a property. Buyers Agents/Advocates represent the buyer of a property and act on behalf of the buyer only. Some vendor agents may indicate they will find a property for a buyer, but they will usually only sell them a property that they have listed in their own agency or associated agencies so they will get the vendors commission. This very much limits the property options for the buyer. Vendor agents will very rarely encourage you to buy from another agent.

Buyer Agents on the other hand have access to all properties and are not bound to only buy from certain agencies or groups. At Open Doors, we are completely independant (which isn’t the case with all BA’s) and do not receive any commissions or kick backs when we buy a property through an agent. Our loyalty lies completely with the buyer and we will always recommend properties based purely on the buyers best interests.

When you engage an independant buyers agent, you will have a licensed agent, acting on your behalf, with your best interests at heart. Selling agents are acting for the seller, but who is acting for the buyer?

A good buyers agent will save you time, stress and money and potentially save you from buying the wrong property which you could regret for many years to come.

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