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Do you know the rules and tactics to win in Real Estate?

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Rules and Tactics in Real Estate in Newcastle NSW

I’m a big sports fan and will play any game, especially if it has a ball and scoreboard. I have played competitive rugby league, rugby union, touch, oztag, soccer, cricket, lawn bowls and even basketball. But a few years ago my wife asked me to play indoor mixed netball. It was a disaster as I had no experience in the game, never really watch it, let alone played it. I was a football player trying to play a sport that was completely different. The umpires had a field day with me and the opposition laughed on many occasions. My team mates, including my wife tried to help, but it took a long time for me to not only learn the rules, but get my head around the tactics and nuances of the game. Long story short, I only had one season of mixed netball. Now my daughters play netball and I’m still struggling to understand the game!!!

The real estate industry is a bit like a game. There are rules and tactics, and if you are unaware of those rules and don’t know the tactics, then you could potentially lose. And when I mean lose, I mean lose your time, you sanity and your hard earned money!!! Up until recently, the major players of the real estate game were the sales agents. They are the ones that are playing the property game all day, everyday. They use strategies and tactics on unsuspecting buyers to win the game. Winning to them means selling a property at the highest price possible, as this is seen as the “gold medal” by their vendors and the general public. Why else do they love telling the world, they have just sold a property for a “suburb record”.  I applaud them, because that is what they are paid to do. Just like sports people on the playing field, these agents use whatever means possible (legal and sometimes illegal) to win the game.

But imagine if you are a bit like myself and my netball story. Maybe you are playing the real estate game and you are in over your head. You might have never played the game before or maybe you played it once or twice but that was years ago. You don’t know all the rules and the tactics used by the other team (the sales agents. It is causing you to lose you confidence and doubt your ability. Or maybe you have been so scared to even step onto the playing field because the thought of playing the real estate game is intimidating and daunting.

What if you could play the game, but you had an expert on your side. They were not only there beside you the whole time, but they strategically guided you and directed you with the tactics and expertise to help you win. Win with your time, your sanity and your money.

No longer do the sales agents have a “mortgage” over the game of real estate. There is a new player in town because professional independent buyers agents are levelling up the playing field. No longer does a buyer have to play this game on their own, the can have an expert on their side, also playing the game to win.

If you can relate to this article and it is resonating with your story. Please reach out so we can help you win in the real estate game. Open Doors Buyers Agent is an independent buyers agent who has been playing the game for many years. We know the strategies and tactics to give you the best chance to win. We are your local buyers agent servicing the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and the Hunter Valley.

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